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Creation Care is Spiritual

One of the first things my 3-year-old son does every morning is, right after he gets out of bed and his feet hit the floor, he unplugs his night light. In his own words, “Daddy, we have to save power.” I couldn’t be more proud of him and I’m stoked that, right from a young age, he is learning about reducing power consumption. As a Christian who cares about environmental stewardship & creation care I believe one of the fundamental marks of maturing discipleship happens as we involved ourselves in restorative environmental practices.

I was thankful for the opportunity earlier today to keep teaching my son about Creator God + creation care as he spotted some garbage that needed to be cleaned up. I was so proud of him as he took the initiative to make a green space green again. And whether the project is to remove discarded newspapers from a backyard or opposing a pipeline construction, practicing creation care is both a spiritual discipline and a mark of being a good neighbour.

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