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The 7 R’s of Creation Care

People become environmentalists for many different reasons: humanitarian, economic, political, and aesthetic while some probably became interested in environmental concern to impress a cute hippie-girl. And while there isn’t anything inherently wrong with these reasons, in the Christian worldview our primary motivation should come from the Biblical text, which teaches that we are to care for and tend to the earth.

In fact, the first commandment that God gives us is to care for, tend to, and become co-creators, co-labourers in creation. If Christians took this seriously it would compel the church to be at the forefront of environmental stewardship.

This theme of caring for and tending to the earth continues as a sub-theme through the entirety of Scripture cumulating in the restoration and redemption of all things. Clearly, creation care is something the church needs to take seriously.

7 R’s of Creation Care

  1. Rethink your theology of creation. There is an errant Christian theology that takes humankind out of creation and puts humankind over creation and then says that we can do whatever we want to that creation. Simply, this is not a biblical Christian view of creation.
  2. Repent of your part in creation degradation.
  3. Reduce needless consumption by simply choosing not to purchase the latest and the greatest, especially when what you already have will do. Also, consider the amount you use your vehicle, ask if your appliances need to be plugged in 24/7, and think about installing low-flow toilets and programmable thermostats into your home.
  4. Reuse your old stuff. A simple example is to resole your old shoes instead of throwing them out. Or, get in the practice of bringing a reusable mug with you to the coffee shop. Strange as it may seem, figuring out how to repurpose or reuse something is part of your spiritual journey.
  5. Recycle. For many, recycling is the gateway into environmental stewardship. This is great, but recycling actually ranks lowest in the hierarchy of creation care practices. If you cannot reduce and if you cannot reuse, at least recycle.
  6. Restore natural spaces and habitat. When we do this we are participating in what God is already up to.
  7. Rejoice and enjoy creation. Go for a hike, get up skiing, or head to a local lake to swim or fish and be surrounded by the handiwork of the Creator.

QUESTION:  What motivates you towards creation care?  

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